Construction Management Services

There is one primary factor that sets The George Sollitt Construction Company apart from our competitors; we are 100% employee owned.  So why is this factor important to our clients?  Quite simply, our employees are vigilant to ensure that our client’s are satisfied with the process of construction as well as the finished project, as both our personal wealth and corporate health are contingent on repeat work and strong recommendations.

So how do we strive to ensure our client’s satisfaction?

We believe it’s important to set clear project goals, aside from the obvious of delivering the project on time and within budget, considering the perspectives of all team members.  During pre-construction, we are careful to contribute meaningful information to the project team so that informed decisions can be made that determine the course of design.  During construction, we work to defuse differences with careful listening and thoughtful, respectful responses while protecting the interest of our client.

This encompasses all those things we were taught as children; tell the truth, don’t cheat, admit your mistakes and make them right, be respectful of others, try to look at things from the other person’s perspective, mean what you say and do what you promise.  Character is doing all these things even when it’s not comfortable.

Our Project Superintendents are seasoned veterans; most have been with Sollitt 20+ years.  They are technologically savvy, strong organizers/motivators, with resolute standards of quality and commitment to delivering projects on-time.

Sollitt has constructed many large and complex projects.  Our systems of project control are constantly evolving as we strive to improve the method by which we manage projects.  Our control documents (e.g. schedules, logs, budgets, etc.) are comprehensive and available for client review throughout the duration of the project.