442,000 square foot 
(2) four-story classroom wings designed
to operate as separate schools,each with
its own administrative area and specialty

Central one-story structure that houses a common lobby, physical education complex, and media center.

Separate locker rooms



Playgrounds and playing fields

Unity Junior High School


Cicero School District 99 claim a 16 acre site
that once served as the headquarters of the
Danley Tool Works that had been abandoned
for almost twenty years. Sollitt, who had
constructed the original Danley buildings
nearly fifty years earlier, was retained as
Construction Manager/Constructor by District
99 for the project. Sollitt joined the project
team early in the process providing extensive
preconstruction services. The site required
extensive remediation and demolition to
prepare the brownfield for construction.

The George Sollitt Construction Company

Cicero , Illinois

Cicero School District 99

FGM Architects