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Located at the former Glenview Naval Air Station, The Glen Town Center (The Glen) is a 450,000 square foot retail, entertainment and housing district designed to emulate a main street shopping experience. Sollitt was hired as Construction Manager to construct two parking structures within the retail section of the development. Each of the parking structures features a precast, pre-stressed concrete structural system, speed ramps, stair towers, and brick façade to compliment the surrounding buildings. During the pre-construction phase, the Sollitt team provided extensive budgeting, scheduling, value engineering, site logistics analysis which helped determine the most cost-effective method to construct these two parking structures.

Construction Manager at

Risk with a Guaranteed

Maximum Price
North – 399,706 square feet

1,174 parking spaces
South – 240,082 square feet

722 parking spaces

pedestrian bridge
12 months Construction Duration
2003 “Honor Award” –
Awarded by the Village of Glenview

The Glen Parking Structures

Glenview, Illinois

Village of Glenview

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