Construction Management Services

This new 8,060 square foot Church, set on a 1.9 acre site at the inter-section of North Avenue and Main Street in Lombard Illinois, is the new home for the families of the St. Thomas Mar Thoma Church of Chic- ago.

The traditional design features a brick exterior accented with Gothic windows and steeple. The interior Nave accommodates approx- imately 435 parishioners who will be treated
to the exposed heavy timber con
struction. The Madhbaha Alter is accented with a Lectern and Pulpit constructed of red oak and flanked
with an in-wall video projection sys
tem. The church also includes a 1,391sf balcony that is located on the west end of the Nave.

Sitework included a 19,964sf Hancor
stormwater detention system, and
new parking lot with 146 spaces.

Lombard, IL

St. Thomas Mar Thoma Church of Chicago

Walter C. Carlson Associates, Inc.

Gothic windows and steeple

8,060 square foot

In-wall video projection system

1,391sf balcony

19,964sf Hancor stormwater detention system

146 spaces new parking lot

St. Thomas Mar Thoma Church of Chicago