Construction Management Services

Chicago, Illinois

Near North Montessori

SMNG-A Architects, Ltd.


104,000 sf of renovation completed during the summer
16,500 sf of addition (gymnasium) completed during school occupancy
Extensive planning/phasing
New HVAC system
New Building Automation System

Near North Montessori School


This challenging Construction Management assignment was completed in two phases.  Phase One consisted of renovations to the existing four story building and Phase Two was a new 16,500 sf gymnasium addition connected to the existing 104,000 sf structure.  Both Phases of work required a number of sub-Phases due to occupancy requirements and maintaining the integrity of the learning environment.  Emergency egress and life safety protection were always maintained at all sub-phases of the renovations.  Steam radiators were replaced with fan coil units, a new hot water distribution system, and new chiller. Units act as dual temp system to offer cooling and heating. Renovation and upgrades to existing spaces brought the building up to code and provided new meeting spaces and upgrades existing spaces. Upgrades to several classrooms, common areas and ADA modifications were completed also.