Construction Management Services


Removal & replacement of

mechanically raked screening

Asbestos abatement
Concrete relief structures
Stop logs & stop log structures
New junction chamber
The removal and replacement of the

existing steam piping & equipment

Stickney, IL

Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago

Greeley & Hansen, LLC

MWRD Westside Imhoff Battery A & Skimming Tank Demo

This project required major demolition and modification to an 80 year old Stickney Water Reclamation District.  During the course of this project Sollitt had to shutdown the largest sewage plant in the world four times to complete a multitude of complicated activities in a 72 hour time restriction.  Over 90,000 cubic yards of concrete were demolished, crushed and re-used as backfill over 2 years of construction.  In addition, over 6,000 cubic yards of custom Concrete Structures equipped with Sludge Screens, Stop Logs & Slide Gates were installed to improve and alter the plant’s sewage operations.