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2010 “Merit Award (Infrastructure Construction)” – Awarded by the Chicago Building Congress
2009 “Streetscape Design” –

Awarded by the American Society of Landscape Architects
2008 “Plan Implementation” –

Awarded by the American Planning Association of Illinois
2008 “Honorable Mention” Awarded by the Congress for New Urbanism Illinois
2008 “Brick in Architecture Award” –

Awarded by the Brick Industry Association

The downtown area of Oak Park was developed as a pedestrian only mall in 1974. The Village of Oak Park Marion & Westgate Street Improvement project opened the last remaining portion of this mall to two-way traffic. The project included the addition of on-street parking, replacement of all existing utilities, a new parking lot along with the creation of a high-end streetscape for pedestrian traffic and merchants. In keeping with the historic character of the downtown area, the design included a brick paver road surface similar to the original early 20th century street, with bluestone sidewalks and granite curbs. Planters, fountains and a lighted metal arch/canopy were installed to make the area even more attractive for retail and civic functions.

Oak Park, IL

Village of Oak Park

The Lakota Group

Marion and Westgate Street Improvement