The George Sollitt Construction Company

Wredling Middle School & Norris Recreational Center

Sollitt has been awarded the two part Wredling Middle School & Norris Recreational Center Addition/Alterations projects for St. Charles School District #303. Existing Science rooms renovations and Cafeteria addition/renovation work will be perform at Wredling Middle School alongside electrical and HVAC upgrades. Installation of a new elevator, renovation of existing spaces and new pre-engineered building addition is scheduled for Norris Recreational Center.

Logan Correctional Center, Lincoln IL

Sollitt has been contracted to renovate and upgrade an existing structure for a residential treatment unit at Logan Correctional Center. It will expand the facility by 28 beds and foster a therapeutic environment and make it consistent with current standards of safety and security.

CTA Pedestrian Tunnel Repairs

Federal Government awarded George Sollitt Construction Company the contract for the CTA Pedestrian Tunnel Repairs for the Dirksen Courthouse located at 219 South Dearborn Street in Chicago, Illinois.

The project consists of repairs to the existing CTA Pedestrian tunnel expansion joints located at the intersection of the Dirksen Courthouse foundation and CTA Pedestrian Tunnel. Repairs are required to existing tunnel drainage and waterproofing.

Work will necessitate excavation along S. Dearborn Street south of the CTA elevator and North of the CTA Blue Line Station Stairs as well as the east side of the Dirksen building where the Federal Plaza meets Quincy Court.

Joliet Junior College City Center Campus


George Sollitt Construction Company has completed the build-out of the core and shell of the Joliet Junior College City Center Campus building. The six-story, 96,000 sq. ft. structure houses the Culinary Arts program. This program is recognized as one of the premier culinary training programs in the nation and is known around the world as the leader in culinary education. This program is also accredited by the American Culinary Federation. A significant feature of this new building is that it’s a fully operating restaurant that is run by the culinary program students, and is open to the public.


Standing on the Word of GOD!

Sollitt/Safeway has helped Apostolic Faith Church accomplish that in a very special way. The Bishop, First Lady and congregation created a time capsule of pure blessing, hope, faith and love through personalized hand written scriptures on scrolls that sit right underneath the concrete in the pulpit area. For anyone that enters into this beautiful edifice and minister the word, sing praises, dance, and worship or just have a silent moment with God will definitely feel the Holy Spirit in this New Sanctuary, 3823 S. Indiana Avenue, Chicago, IL 60653.

Foam Fire Sprinkler Test at KAASF Helicopter Hangar

Protecting high-value aircraft with extremely flammable jet fuel can be challenging, especially when regularly occurring maintenance activities provide several potential ignition sources and the aircraft itself create sizeable obstructions with their large bodies and wings.  To solve this challenging problem, High-Expansion Foam Generators deliver massive quantities of expanded foam by blowing air through a screen coated with high-expansion foam solution to overwhelm and engulf fire with sheer volume.  On top of the firefighting capabilities, HEF systems are environmentally friendly and minimizes water damage to aircraft and facilities.  Best of all there is little to no cleanup!  Please visit the link below to view the commissioning video of our recently installed HEF system where Sollitt exceeded the requirements for both foam volume and disbursement time.

Southeast Area Elementary School

George Sollitt has completed the new 111,000 GSF, 1,200 student, 3-story Southeast Area Elementary School. The school includes 44 academic classrooms, 2 computer labs, 3 science classrooms, 3 art/science classrooms, 2 music rooms, kitchen and dining facilities, gymnasium, library, and administrative suite. Building construction is made of concrete and steel frame over spread concrete footings and an exterior envelope consisting of cold formed steel studs and masonry veneer. Site improvements comprising of a new parking lot for 51 cars, storm water management improvements, new sidewalks at south and northeast of parking lot and main property, new vehicular drive at west edge of property, and a refuse / delivery area at southeast of project site.

Triton College Health and Sciences Facility (H Building)

The healthcare industry is one of the most popular fields that people are pursing now days; Triton College is dedicated to providing its students with a forward-thinking learning environment with state-of-the-art technology and simulation equipment to prepare Triton's students for the workforce of tomorrow.


On September 29, 2015, Triton College held its grand opening of their newly renovated Health and Sciences Facility (H Building), formerly was a building that taught welding, car repair, electronics, carpentry and other industrial classroom functions, now is the new cutting edge facility that welcomes a new generation of students motivated to succeed in educational programs as nursing, surgical technology, diagnostic medical sonography, nuclear medicine and ophthalmology, as well as provide classrooms for some biology and chemistry courses.

The Health and Sciences facility includes features such as a surgical technology and dissection lab, a relaxed seating area and collaborative learning spaces with Wi-Fi capability. It also is equipped with tools and equipment used by today’s professionals in the health industry and sciences fields, giving students the experience with the different types of equipment that will be utilized in their fields.

Kankakee AASF Readiness Center

Ground Breaking….

Sollitt breaks ground to construct the new 185,000 sq. ft. two-story Illinois National Guard Readiness Center and Army Aviation Support Facility (AASF); adjacent to the Greater Kankakee Airport, an existing greenfield site. The Readiness Center’s main floor classroom and conference spaces will offer flexibility for the National Guard battalions and will also house three units: the 935th, B106 and Medivac. The medical exam area is located on the second floor that will incorporate considerations for efficient flow and patient privacy.

The AASF’s tactical operations building will be utilized to plan missions and monitor air traffic and weather which will include large monitors strategically located to provide visual oversight of the apron. The AASF’s hangar will be equipped with aircraft maintenance features such as a 10-ton travelling bridge crane and 109 ft wide x 20 ft tall tilt-up canopy doors. The hangar space was specifically designed for UH-60 Black Hawk helicopters, a weapons simulator training space and task-loaded combat simulated flight environments.

It has been stated that the new Readiness Center and Army Aviation Support Facility will redevelop the area providing a major economic boost that will last for years to come. The Kankakee area and the state of Illinois will benefit from the project and by the people using and being served by the military both locally and nationally,”

NEIU El Centro Campus

EI Centro wows with its bright colors at the grand opening on September 30, 2014. The George Sollitt Construction Company has completed the new eye catching artistic design color-changing building that embraces the Kennedy Expressway. You will be dazzled by the building schools colors in 20 inch fins changing from blue to yellow, or the reverse as you pass by.

This 66,000 sf, three-story facility will enable NEIU to expand its academic and community programs. It is a LEED "Gold" project including solar panels, LED parking lights, and storm water retention. Highlights include Energy efficient building,17 State of the art classrooms, Computer Lab, Science Labs, Resource Center, Library - Faculty Offices, Rooftop with solar panels, Seminar/Meeting Rooms, Student lounge with views of the Chicago skyline and rooftop terrace.

Chicago Vocational Career Academy

The Sollitt/Oakley Joint Venture has completed the $55 million renovation of Chicago Vocational Career Academy (CVCA), which was creating new career-focused classrooms to prepare students for jobs in a variety of high growth industries, such as horticulture, carpentry, culinary services and healthcare.