Construction Management Services

GSA - EPA Central Regional Lab, 10th Floor


Ours was the 3rd phase of a four phase project.  We gutted the existing space including all mechanical systems and laboratory equipment. The demolition had to be phased to maintain access to other portions of the 10th floor that remained operational.  Our new work consisted of the construction of new laboratory spaces including a clean room and glassware cleaning operation; data custody, a computer room expansion, and connecting corridors.  The bulk of the project was the construction of new mechanical systems. Problems incurred on the project were minimal due to close coordination with the design team, and GSA’s building management. All deliveries to the loading dock, and shutdowns of utilities were scheduled a minimum 3 days in advance. All project personnel had to be cleared by the Department of Homeland Security and we maintained site security with a badging system.

Chicago, Illinois

U.S. General Services Administration

SFA Architects, Inc. 


Adjacent areas were occupied
New Canopy (4) & Fume (20) Hoods
New dual Strobic Exhaust Fans
All new mechanical systems
Strict Security measures