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Melrose Park, Illinois

Gottlieb Memorial Hospital

HDR Architects


The 2nd floor ICU renovation project consisted of a complete demolition and renovation of the existing 2 South floor. Several new technologies were incorporated into the ICU renovation that addressed infectious control procedures. The copper impregnated countertops at the Nurse’s Station and Patient Rooms using EPA Registered EOScu Preventive|Biocidal Surfaces provided continuous bacteria killing at the source. A similar product used on the project was the Floorfolio vinyl flooring which incorporates a silver infusion that is also a natural germicide. Other innovations incor-porated into the project were high efficiency, low energy sliding patient room doors, “white noise” speakers used to reduce background noise, and plasma I-bars at all of the existing air handlers. I-bars kill 99.8 percent of all germs via ultraviolet light and virtually eliminate all odor.

Gottlieb Memorial Hospital - 2nd Floor ICU Renovation


13,000 sq ft
Duration: 8 months

Floorfolio vinyl flooring

EPA Registered EOScu Preventive|Biocidal Surfaces

“White noise” speakers