The George Sollitt Construction Company

MWRD Calument Tarp Pumping Station

Sollitt and Joint Venture Partners Sachi and Alworth has completed the work on the East side Tunnel and Reservoir Plan at Calumet Tarp Pumping Station.

The purpose of this project is to replace the existing East 1 and West 1 Tunnel and Reservoir Plan (TARP) pumps with larger capacity pumps, replace their motors, and install new 4.6 kV variable frequency drives (VFD) for the pumps. The suction and discharge piping will be modified to accommodate the new pumps. Also, the remaining four pumps, East 2 and 3 and West 2 and 3, will be replaced with new 72 MGD pumps, along with new motors and four 4.6 kV VFDs. The drives will be located on an elevated platform in each of the pump rooms. A low pressure steam line will be constructed from the High Level Influent Pumping Station to TARP for heating needs; and the grading, roads, and site work distributed under numerous contracts over the last 10 years will be completed and restored.